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Maps of Africa - Physiographic

Satellite Map of Sahara Satellite Map of Sahara
Satellite map of Sahara desert, the world's largest hot desert.[Wikipedia]
Maghreb Map Maghreb Map
A map showing the countries of Manghreb. It is also called the land where the sun sets according to Arabs.[Wikipedia]
Map of Sahel Map of Sahel
A map of Africa highlighting Sahel, it forms a belt that runs from the Atlantic Ocean in the west to the Red Sea in the east. [Wikipedia]
Map of Sudan Map of Sudan
Sudan map, also called the "land of the blacks", a region stretching from West to Eastern Africa.[Wikipedia]
Map of the Horn of Africa Map of the Horn of Africa
A map of the Horn of Africa, a peninsula in East Africa.During the Medieval period, it was called Bilad al Barbar ("Land of the Berbers").[Wikipedia]
Negroland and Guinea Negroland and Guinea
A 1736 map explaining European settlement. It shows the Guinea region. [Wikipedia]