Maps Of Australia (Ancient)

An old map of the counties of Queensland, 1901. [Wikimedia]

Shown on the map are the 141 counties of South Wales. The image is from a public domain map in the National Library, 1888. This was before the ACT was established. [Wikipedia]

An old map showing Murray and Cowley Counties. The image is from 1886 public domain map from the National Library Collection.[Wikipedia]

Wynyard county, an old map of the National Library of Wynyard county.[Wikimedia]

An old German map of the South-eastern Australia.[Wikipedia]

Known be as one of the oldest map of Australia. It was titled “Chart of the Land of Eendrach” because it was first chartered by Dirk Hartog in the Eendracht in 1616.[Wikipedia]

Old map of Australia, scanned from an old book, The New Student’s Reference Work, 5 volumes, Chicago, 1914.[Wikimedia]