Maps Of The World (Old Maps)

This map is from the 15th century codex of Nicolaus Germanus, 1467. [Wikimedia]

The map is the oldest known world map, it shows Assyria, Babylonia and Armenia in the 6th century BCE. [Image Courtesy of the British Museum]

Pompinus is one of the unique geographer of his time, he divided the earth into five zones and only two were habitable. The map is only a reconstruction of how Pomponius view the world.

Drawn by Eratosthenes (276-194 BCE), it shows information information from the campaigns of Alexander the Great and his successors. [Wikimedia]

Drawn by two cartographers, Petrus Bertius & Melchior Tavernier, the map is an idea of Posidonius. He was the greatest Polymath of his time.

Map showing the connection of the North and South America by an Isthmus. This was published in 1512. [Wikimedia]

Map of the North and South America by Willem Blaeu, 1665.[Wikimedia]

Possibly a Black Tulip world map showing the north and south America.[Wikimedia]

Map of the world according to Ptolemy, 1467 codex, circa 150 CE.[Wikipedia]

Here is a map of the world according to Herodotus, BC 450. [Wikimedia]