Maps Of The World (Political)

Shaded in yellow are members of CARICOM that implements the same passport. Maroon without common passport and pink are associate members of CARICOM. [Wikipedia]

Map shaded in various colors to represent Caribbean Community (CARICOM) membership. Teal is a CARICOM member as part of CSM, bronze as not part of CSM and pink as associate CARICOM member. [Wikipedia]

Map showing the members of the Commonwealth of Nations shaded in blue, orange are the former members and green are suspended members of Commonwealth of Nations. It is not a political union but rather an intergovernmental organisation. [Wikipedia]

Map of the world that shows the APEC member states shaded in color green. [Wikimedia]

Political map of the world from CIA World Factbook. [Wikimedia]

Blank map of the world c.1985, from wikipedia.

This is also officially accurate for the period between 1977 (South Africa imposes direct rule on Walvis Bay) – May 22 1990 (Unification of North and South Yemen).

The political map of the world.

This small map shows the world with the lines of longtitude and latitude. Wikimedia says: Great circles of latitude. Based on PD image from US government. Map is a creu projection with standard parallels +/- 38 degrees latitude. [Wikimedia]