Maps Of The World (Sociological)

Map representing the percentage of under height children from age 5 below all over the world.

Predominant religions of each country represented in different colors.

World map that shows the literacy rate of each countries from UNHD 2007/2008 data, gray area means no data available. [Wikimedia]

The world map showing the growth rate of human development. [Wikimedia]

The map shows the percentage of population in the world living in less than a dollar a day. Latest data from 2000-2006.

Distribution of the formal practicing Buddhist around the globe. [Wikipedia]

Shown on the map is the presentation of religion around the world as of today.[Wikipedia]

The percentage of distribution of Hindu worldwide.[Wikipedia]

Map showing the percentage of Buddhist around the globe. [Wikipedia]

Map presenting the distribution of Islam around the world.[Wikipedia]

A map showing the distribution of Christianity around the world.[Wikipedia]

The percentage of atheist, agnostic, nonreligious, irreligious population around the world. The data is based on 2006 total population.[Wikipedia]

The map indicating the importance of religion around the globe.[Wikipedia]

The map shows prevailing religion on each regions. [Wikipedia]