Maps Of United States (Historical Map)

Map depicting the “Siege of Port Hudson”, between May 27th and July 9th, 1863. [Wikimedia]

Escalante’s route from Santa F� to Utah Lake. This is from a black & white scan of Bancroft’s History of Utah, 1540�1886 (1889), page 10. [Wikimedia]

Captain Marcy’s route, 1895. [Wikimedia]

Map of the Escalante-Dominguez expedition in 1776 by Antonio V�lez y Escalante. This is now called Utah and Arizona. [Wikimedia]

Map of an engraved version of Adriaen Block in 1614 with modifications included. [Wikimedia]

Painted version of the map of the Fallmouth Neck during the time when it was destroyed by Mowatt. The original version was created in 1850 and published by Bailey & Noyes of Portland. [Wikimedia]

New England historical map, 1707. [Wikimedia]

Map of the 13 colonies of the United States of America [Wikimedia]

Route map of the exploration in 1501 to 1844. [Wikimedia]

Historical map of the US based on civil allegiances. Those in red seceded from the Union to form the Confederate States of America, while the striped states – Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland, and Delaware – were “Border States” that remained in the Union at gunpoint and fought with both the Confederate and Union. [Wikimedia]