Maps Of United States (Old Maps)

Map of the US from 1783 – 1803 by William R. Shepherd. [Wikimedia]

This map shows the British colony in 1763-1776 by William R. Shepherd. [Wikimedia]

A scanned copy of the map of the United Stated in 1829. [Wikimedia]

Map of the US in the year 1867 with improved part of Pennsylvania. [Wikimedia]

A map that shows Northern and some Southern part of America. It also shows three forts built in between 1679 and 1680: Conty fort (near Niagara Falls), Miamis Fort (south of Michigan lake), and Cr�vec�ur fort (Left bank of the Illinois River). [Wikimedia]

An 1897 Brooklyn map by Rand McNally as part of the Atlas of the World. [Wikimedia]

An old map of the US by Smith, J. Calvin. This map focuses on the eastern half of mid-19th century United States. [Wikimedia]

This is an old map of the United States by Sidney E. Morse, A.M. New-Haven: engraved and published by N. & S.S. Jocelyn. 1823 – Size: 24 x 42 cm – Engraved map. [Wikimedia]

An old map of the United States of America, author James Monteith, 1856. [Wikimedia]