Maps Of United States (Regions)

This is a map of the city Washington in the district of Columbia. [Wikimedia]

Map of Seattle with its surroundings and other major features. [Wikimedia]

Shown in this map is the Mexican province of Coahuila. [Wikimedia]

Bird’s eye view of the city of Austin, Texas County, 1873. [Wikimedia]

The first issue of the first separate map of Texas, from Comprehensive Atlas, Geographical, Historical and Commercial by Thomas Gamaliel Bradford. [Wikimedia]

Topography map of Nashville and the surrounding area during the American Civil War. [Wikimedia]

Map showing South Carolina in 1683. [Wikimedia]

Panoramic view of Canonsburg, 1897. [Wikimedia]

Panoramic view of the map of Indiana, 1900. [Wikimedia]

Map of state of Pennsylvania entered around White Deer Hole Creek. [Wikimedia]

Bird’s eye view Cleveland, Ohio in 1877. [Wikimedia]

Old map of Cincinnati, 1838. This is from the actual survey by Joseph Gest, city surveyor, 1838; engraved by Wm. Haviland. [Wikimedia]

Panoramic view of the city of Cincinnati, 1900. [Wikimedia]

Map showing the Mississippi Territory and Spanish west Florida, 1802. [Wikimedia]

State of Michigan map, 1901. [Wikimedia]

An 1872 map showing the states states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan. [Wikimedia]

Map indicating the location of the “Borden Base Line”. This is the “Official Topographic Map of Massachusetts”, Philadelphia : Stedman, Brown, & Lyon, 1871. Page 43, Franklin County. [Wikimedia]

An old map of Louisiana, 1804. [Wikimedia]

British West Florida map. This map depicts southern British colonies in 1776. [Wikimedia]

Battle of the New Orleans area map, “Position of the American and British Armies near New Orleans on the 8th of January, 1815”. [Wikimedia]

Map of Illinois in 1718 from Carte de la Louisiane et du cours du Mississipi by Guillaume de L’Isle. [Wikimedia]

Panoramic view of Oakland, California during the 1900. [Wikimedia]

Map of Alemada county, 1878.

Central and southeastern San Fernando Valley. This is from a manuscript map of Los Angeles and San Bernardino topography, 1880. [Wikimedia]

Map showing California as an Island in the year 1650. [Wikimedia]

Map of Yuma county in Arizona. Highlighted is the Castle Dome Landing, 1883. [Wikimedia]

Old map of Utah and Nevada, 1795. [Wikimedia]

An early Spanish colonial map of what is knows now as Tubac, Arizona and the location of the San Ignacio de Tubac Presidio. [Wikimedia]

A map of Pima County, Arizona, text in red color is the Harshaw, Arizona. [Wikimedia]

A part of the county and Township Map of Arizona and New Mexico. [Wikimedia]

Map of Arizona, 1883. [Wikimedia]

A 1910 old map of Alaska also shows the extent of the US Military Reservation around St. Michael. [Wikimedia]

An 1867 map of Alaska. [Wikimedia]

Britannica map of Alaska, 1911. [Wikimedia]

An 1860 Russian America map which is located at the west of British America (Canada). This is from an excerpt from the “Map of North America. Showing its Political Divisions, and Recent Discoveries in the Polar Regions”. [Wikimedia]

An accurate map of the state of Alabama and West Florida in 1840 showing Montgomery and the surrounding counties. [Wikimedia]

Old map of Alabama showing county boundaries and native territories. [Wikimedia]

This map shows the Alabama and Georgia with county boundaries and native territories. [Wikimedia]

An 1822 old map of Alabama from the Historical Maps of Alabama collection, University of Alabama Department of Geography. [Wikimedia]

This map shows the Mississippi and Alabama territory. It also shows the date from establishment in 1798, with area annexed in 1804 after the Louisiana Purchase, plus the area annexed after the War of 1812, and the 1817 division for Mississippi statehood creating the Alabama Territory (statehood in 1819). [Wikimedia]

A more accurate map of Florida drawn by the Spanish-Portuguese explorer and discoverer Juan D�az de Sol�s. [Wikimedia]

Spanish Florida that includes most of the South Eastern United States. This was drawn by Spanish royal cartographer Geronimo Chiaves, and was probably based on accounts by members of the Hernando De Soto expedition (1539-1543). [Wikimedia]

Map of Cherokee in 1822. [Wikimedia]

This is a hand colored lithograph map of what is now Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas. This map is based on an earlier work of J. H. Colton. Page no. 63 in the 1863 edition of Johnsonメs Family Atlas. [Wikimedia]

Spanish Florida map in 1803, details from the map in Perry-Casta�eda Library Map Collection. [Wikimedia]

Map of the Rio Colorado of the West in 1858, explored by 1st. Lieut. Joseph C. Ives, Topl. Engrs. [Wikimedia]

Gulf of Mexico map showing the area around Pensacola in 1763. [Wikimedia]

Map of the New Northern Mexico in the year 1867. [Wikimedia]

A part of Kansas map showing the location of the ghost town Elk between Chase County and Marion County, 1893. [Wikimedia]

Map of the Hawaiian archipelago by Meyers in 1888. [Wikimedia]

Map of the New Netherland showing the typical Indian Villages, first published in 1650. [Wikimedia]

Map of the Ulster County in New York, prepared by F.W. Beers and was first published in 1875. [Wikimedia]

Map of the plain of St. Louis which was then part of Spanish Louisiana. [Wikiemedia]

Old aerial map of Phoenix, Arizona. created by C. J. Dyer and published by Schmidt Label & Lithograph Company. [Wikimedia]

An old downtown map of Washington DC from Baist’s Real Estate Atlas of Surveys of Washington, District of Columbia. [Wikimedia]

Old map of Simsbury, Connecticut made in the year 1870. [Wikimedia]

Map showing the Niagara Frontier by Benson J. Lossing, in The Pictorial Field-Book of the War of 1812, Illustration, 1869. [Wikimedia]

An old map of the Carolinas by Herman Moll 1736. The ocean of the Carolinas is labeled as “The Western Ocean”. [Wikimedia]

Old map of Maryland and Virginia, 1756. [Wikimedia]

Old map of New England, 1624. [Wikimedia]

Map of the gold regions of California. [Wikimedia]

Old map of California illustrating the route of “El Camino Real” and the 21 Franciscan missions in 1821. [Wikimedia]

An old map of Oregon, US, 1841. [Wikimedia]