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Kids Maps - Climate MapsThe climates of the world. The world's climate can be observed regularly because of the weather patterns that happened throughout every season of the year. The climate of any part of the world depends on three things: how far it is from the equator (latitude), how high it is from sea level (altitude), and how close it is to the ocean. The entire world has eight important climate regions, and the currents of the ocean greatly affect these climates. Some of these currents are very cold, and others are very warm. For example, the warm waters of the Gulf Stream bring a warmer climate to northwestern portion of Europe. The mountain regions bring very cold temperatures, a lot of rainfall, and icy wind. This is because mountains are much higher in elevation than other regions which are closer to sea level, the air is thinner and produces less heat. The polar regions are very cold and dry almost all year round, with regular snowfall. A climate map can show you which regions are the coldest, wettest, driest, hottest, and most tropical. It is also important to find a map that shows air circulation and the wind systems, easterly winds, westerly winds, trade winds, and polar winds. Storms happen because of climate and weather. Did you know that right now there are at least 2000 storms happening around the world, and 100 lightning flashes happen every second.

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