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Geography for Kids: Educational
Maps and resources for education Don't need to be a Tech Savvy to navigate the web? A collection of maps, flags and national anthems of countries around the world along with facts about their Geography, history, demography, economy, politics and transport & telecommunications infrastructure. It's easy to navigate and understand ... even kids can do it themselves. Geography resources for young Geographers A large collection of resources suitable for kids. Good for parents and teachers alike to guide children through their first introduction to Geography. Activities for Kids path to learning Geography A bunch of downloadable activity, from coloring, printable flags, outlining map and even downloading Geography software (freeware). Visit this site and have fun with your kid. Learning is fun when you know the right way to do it. Learning Geography Without Leaving Home Provides facts, figures and statistical data on Geography, climate, people, religion, language, history, economy & more ... with just one sitting you can find it all here. It even has full color physical maps and political maps for regions of the world. There is also a section that contains additional school or homework resources for Teachers & Students. Geography Matters as Early as Age 4 Do you want to teach Geography to your kids as early as 4 years old? This is one of the best sites you can find on the net. You will find different resources from educational video clips to even related programs you could watch. What's more, you can browse different subjects with this interactive easy to navigate site. Information Means Everything Want something interactive and very informative when it comes to Geography, government, economy, population and even lifestyles and customs? Visit this site. It offers a minimum payment for subscription to view all the resources but worth the money you'll spend. It even includes teachers' resources with a free download for some chosen reports and worksheets, and a downloadable crossword puzzle. All about Geography A pool of resources dedicated to guide the young geographer through the internet. Designed for Young Minds Specifically design for young minds, when kids are having fun they learn faster. Although not interactive, it's colorful that attracts kids attention. Like any other subject, Geography can be fun too. Kid's Place for learning Geography Any young geographer needs an interactive place to learn, and this is a good site to learn while you play with GeoNet. There is also a free downloadable e-book for students and educators. So why spend money on expensive text book and support materials when you can have it all free. Simply Learn the World's Geography Information on the basic foundation of Geography, continents, Polar Regions, Lakes, Rivers, island anything that has to do with the earth's surface and some useful information. Direct links to almanac, encyclopedia and dictionary is available for researchers too. Teach Kids Geography This is an easy to navigate site with all the useful information and graphical illustrations to help kids gain more understanding of Geography. Kids could study all alone or you can teach your kids in an easy and interesting way with Geography as a guide. Interactive Way To Learn Geography Easy to understand site for kids, and it's also ideal for teachers and parents who would want to introduce the world of Geography in the minds of the children. It contains quizzes too after every lesson, and has related articles for additional learning. Stress-Free Learning and Teaching It's an activity site for pre-kindergarten to grade 6. It even has a classroom with subscription fees to help you develop the skills of your student by allowing them to use it through the activities embedded in the program. The ideal way of a stress-free learning and teaching for student and teachers. Be a MAP Master While Having Fun Want to master the map of the world with all its continents, countries and even the locations of historical places? This site has it; it is basically a quiz site to practice your ability to memorize the physical map of each country. Learning Geography with Games Provides a fun way to learn Geography. Entertaining for kids and students, it also has a pre-school to 6th grade section to download and print activities suited for their ages. NO membership at all, a teacher exchange section is also a good area to meet about ideas and discussion. All You Need To Know About Geography Directory listing of anything you need to know about geography. Why create a multiple search when you have it all here, but it's not just purely information it also provide sites for fun and games. Be Entertained: Learn Geography A simple interactive Geography that concentrates on map and primarily created for appreciation of kids. There are even downloadable blank map for activities and games that kids would easily comprehend. There is also a site for teachers that come with a very minimal cost for membership. How well do you know Earth? Get your kids interested in Geography. These simple yet informative games about the earth will truly enhance their skills. It also contains an online Geography textbook written especially for kids. It's your Kids' Turn to Learn A directory listing available for the kids understanding ... it's the Kids Turn to learn AND to gain understanding of the world. It also includes games and other topics kids would be fascinated to read. What Kids Need To Know About The World When you don't have the time to go over your text books, browse the net with its wealth of information, or just browse this site. It contains summary reports of just about everything you need, from geography, people, government, economics and other data you need, plus, the listing of 7 wonders of the world visually presented for kids and also something that adults can appreciate. It also contains smart links for kids, and games that really add interest in learning Geography. When Geography Means Fun Learning Geography is fun with these interactive maps, embedded with cartoon characters that kids would surely love. It's not only ideal for kids but for parents and educators as well in introducing the world map and its resources. Geography doesn't have to be boring you just need a great site to learn.*

*There are payments for other services like on-line mapping, cartographic and GIS services. Knowing Earth An Award winning favorite website containing a questions and answer section that is easy to understand for a kids' young mind. In addition to this, it compiles different games and puzzles to enhance their map skills and more. There are also sections for fun stuff like games, projects, animation and amazing facts about the earth, science and technology. Fun is learning with Geospy A Geography game that tickles your mind and feeds it with useful information as well. It also includes activities that love your kids will love. Making Education Fun Learning basic skills and information is what this site is all about. Its not just playing the games but gaining knowledge while enjoying the game. Mastering U.S Geography This site contains downloadable software for learners of U.S. Geography. This caters to all ages; even kids would love to play and learn at the same time. This is a fun and exciting way to explore U.S. Geography. Geography Can Be FUN Too Basically an online game that helps you gain a mental map of the world's continents, countries, capitals, & landscapes. When you're having a hard time learning, try playing this game. Learning becomes easy when you're having fun. Exploring Geography Through the Web Not just a collection of directory listings of different subject matter, but also contains some useful information on world Geography ... explore even the geography of the ancient civilizations. Compilation of fun resources for kids and teachers are also integrated in this site. How Well Do You Know Your World? An interactive I.Q. map game that is perfect for any student who wants to challenge their skills. It is also fully loaded with links of travel Blogs, Photos and Videos from Top Destinations for other useful information, it is also recommended if you're planning to travel abroad. Interactive Games and Puzzles Games and puzzles about Geography that will help students develop learning skills and gain an understanding of their world. It is a leading publisher of supplemental educational products for schools and libraries. There is a subscription fee for weekly reader magazine but the cost is very minimal and worth the money.

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