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World Maps: Climate and Weather

Climate Zone: Climates of the World Using information from the CIA World Fact Book, learn about the climates of the world. Click on a country from their main world map and you will be given the detailed facts of each country, including its map.

Climates of the World by Learn about the climates of the world using a fun map. The map uses climate legends to show the parts of the world that has a specific climate. It also shows a brief description of each climate and its characteristics. Animated Climate Map A presentation of global climate maps based on data for mean monthly values of temperature, precipitation and cloudiness prepared in 1991 by R. Leemans and W. Cramer and published by the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA).

Global Warming Map GLOBAL WARMING: Early Warning Signs is a site that illustrates the local consequences of global warming through a map. The events indicated in the map are divided into finger prints or direct manifestations and harbingers or foreshadow events of climate change.

Holiday Weather Map This site's weather map shows the average temperature of each country for every month.

HowStuffWorks Maps HowStuffWorks Maps show locations and major features around the world's regions. You can explore continents, countries, cities and islands across the globe using their interactive maps.

Interactive Climate Map Climate Charts offers an interactive climate map where in upon clicking each dot on a country you will get to see its climate chart.

MeteorologyClimate: World Climate Map Learn about several major climatic zones and bands of the world based on the Köppen classification.

National Geographic - Climate Map Check out the climate map from the National Geographic World Atlas for Young Explorers.

UNEP/GRID-Arendal: Climate Change Maps Maps and graphics that shows the causes and impacts of climate change and global warming in the world.

Weekend Gardener - Climate Zones Map Weekend Gardener offers climate zones map which are helpful for any gardening enthusiast.

World Physical Map World Physical Map gives a detailed description of all the geographical aspects of the world. Varied landscapes like mountains, deserts, plateaus, plains and deserts with their details are plotted on the world physical map. The Mount Everest peak at 8,848 meters (29,029 ft) is the highest point in the world, while the Dead Sea at 422 meters (1,385 ft) below sea level is the lowest point. There are twelve countries that fall on the equator which includes: Uganda, Kenya, Sao Tome and Principe, Gabon, Republic of The Congo, Columbia, Indonesia and Brazil. Some of the prominent rivers and lakes shown in world physical map consist of The Bhramaputra, The Yangtse Kiang, The Danube, The Missouri, The Mississippi and the Darling River. World's Physical Characteristics at a glance Mean Radius: 6,371.0 km Equatorial Radius: 6,378.1 km Polar Radius: 6,356.8 km Flattening: 0.0033528 Circumference: 40,075.02 km (equatorial) 40,007.86 km (meridional) 40,041.47 km (mean) Surface Area: 510,072,000 sq km 148,940,000 sq km land (29.2 %) 361,132,000 sq km water (70.8 %) Volume: 1.0832073 x 1012 km3 Mass: 5.9736 x 1024 kg Mean Density: 5.5153 g/cm3 Equatorial Surface Gravity: 9.780327 m/s2 0.99732 g Escape Velocity: 11.186 km/s Sidereal Rotation Period: 0.99726968 d 23h 56m 4.100s Equatorial Rotation Velocity: 1,674.4 km/h (465.1 m/s) Axial Tilt: 23.439281° Albedo: 0.367

World Weather Map The World Weather Map gives an indication of the meteorological aspects of any place in the world at a given time. Different aspects such as rainfall, cyclones, hurricanes, storms, temperature, dew points, cloud formation, pressure distribution etc., are indicated in world weather maps. The world weather map is very important to people who are involved in navigating the sea and the air. They can take a look at the prevailing weather of a region before they embark on their voyage.

WWF: U.S. Climate Change Impacts Map Click on WWF map to learn more about the impacts of climate change in each region in the United States.

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