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Countries of the World: Iran
Resources about Iran including maps, facts about the land, people, history, government, political conditions, and economy.

Economy of Iran GDP (purchasing power parity, 2009 est.): $876 billion. GDP (official exchange rate, 2009 est.): $335.7 billion. GDP real growth rate (2009 est.): 2.6%. GDP composition by sector (2009 est.): Agriculture 10.9%, industry 45.2%, services 43.9%. Per capita income (PPP, 2009 est.): $12,900. Work force (2009 est.): 25.02 million. Work force - by occupation (June 2007): Agriculture 25%, industry 31%, services 45%. Unemployment rate (2009 est., according to the Iranian Government): 11.8%. Natural resources: Petroleum, natural gas, coal, chromium, copper, iron ore, lead manganese, zinc, sulfur. Agriculture: Principal products--wheat, rice, other grains, sugar beets, fruits, nuts, cotton, dairy products, wool, caviar. Industry: Types--petroleum, petrochemicals, textiles, cement and building materials, food processing (particularly sugar refining and vegetable oil production), metal fabricating (particularly steel and copper), armaments. Trade (2009 est.): Exports--$70.16 billion (2009 est.): petroleum 80%, chemical and petrochemical products, carpets, fruits, nuts. Major export partners (2008)--China (15.2%), Japan (14.2%), India (9.2%), South Korea (6.4%), Turkey (6.4%), Italy (4.5%). Imports--$57.16 billion (2009 est.): industrial raw materials and intermediate goods, capital goods, foodstuffs and other consumer goods, technical services, military supplies. Major import partners (2008)-- U.A.E. (18.8%), China (12.6%), Germany (9%), South Korea (6.8%), Russia (5.2%), Italy (5%), France (4.1%).

Geography of Iran Area: 1.6 million sq. km. (636,295 sq. mi., slightly larger than Alaska). Arable land: 9.78% of the country. Cities: Capital--Tehran. Other cities--Isfahan, Tabriz, Mashhad, Shiraz, Yazd, Qom. Terrain: Desert and mountains. Climate: Semiarid; subtropical along the Caspian coast.

Government of Iran Type: Islamic republic. Constitution: Ratified in December 1979, revised 1989. Branches: Executive--Supreme Leader (head of state), President (head of government), Council of Ministers, Assembly of Experts, Expediency Council, Council of Guardians. Legislative--290-member Majles (National Assembly, or Islamic Consultative Assembly). Judicial--Supreme Judiciary. Political parties: Several conservative groups have come together under two separate coalitions, the United Front of Principlists and the Broad and Popular Coalition of Principlists. Some conservative groups remain outside either coalition. Similarly, several reformist groups, such as the Islamic Iran Participation Front (IIFP, also known as Mosharekat) and the Mojahideen of the Islamic Revolution (MIRO) came together as a reformist coalition in advance of the 2008 Majles elections. Another influential reformist group is the National Trust Party. Administrative subdivisions: 30 provinces. Suffrage: Universal suffrage; 18 years of age.

Map of Iran This Map of Iran shows the borders of the country, as well as rivers, and cities including Tehran the capital of Iran. (Maps from the U.S. State Department)

Official Name of Iran The Official Name of Iran is the Islamic Republic of Iran. (Facts from the U.S. State Department)

People of Iran Nationality: Noun and adjective--Iranian(s). Population (July 2010 est.): 67.0 million. Population growth rate (2010 est.): 0.94%. Ethnic groups: Persians 51%, Azeri 24%, Gilaki and Mazandarani 8%, Kurd 7%, Arab 3%, Lur 2%, Baloch 2%, Turkmen 2%, other 1%. Religions: Shi'a Muslim 89%; Sunni Muslim 9%; Zoroastrian, Jewish, Christian, and Baha'i 2%. Languages: Persian and Persian dialects 58%, Turkic languages (besides Turkish) 26%, Kurdish 9%, Luri 2%, Balochi 1%, Arabic 1%, Turkish 1%, other 2%. Education: Literacy (total population age 15 and over who can read and write, 2003)--79% (male: 86%, female: 73%). Health (2010 est.): Infant mortality rate--34.66 deaths/1,000 live births. Life expectancy at birth (2010)--total population: 71.43 yrs.

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