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Countries of the World: Kosovo
Resources about Kosovo including maps, facts about the land, people, history, government, political conditions, and economy.

Economy of Kosovo GDP (International Monetary Fund (IMF), 2010 estimate): $5.4 billion. GDP (Kosovo Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), 2010 estimate): $7.5 billion. Per capita GDP (IMF, 2010 estimate): $2,750. Per capita GDP (Kosovo MEF, 2010 estimate): $3,750. GDP growth rate (IMF, 2010 projection): 3.5%. GDP growth rate (Kosovo MEF, 2010 projection): 4.8%. CPI inflation rate (Kosovo MEF, 2010): 1%. Investment (2010): 35% of GDP. GDP composition by sector (2009 est.): Agriculture 13%, industry 22%, services 65%. Agriculture: Products--fruits and vegetables (potatoes, berries), wheat, corn, wine, beef. Industry: Mineral mining, energy, telecommunications, forestry, agriculture, metal processing, construction materials, base metals, leather, machinery, appliances. Income and employment (2010): 45% of the Kosovo labor force is unemployed; 30% of Kosovo's citizens live below the poverty line, and 13% live in extreme poverty.

Geography of Kosovo Area: 10,887 square kilometers (4,203 square miles), slightly smaller than Connecticut. Capital: Pristina. Terrain: Varied. Climate: Temperate.

Government of Kosovo Type: Republic. Constitution: The Kosovo Assembly approved the constitution on April 9, 2008. It came into force on June 15, 2008. Branches: Executive--president (head of state); prime minister (head of government). Legislative--unicameral Assembly (120 seats, 4-year terms; 100 seats generally elected, 10 seats reserved for ethnic Serbs, 10 seats reserved for other ethnic minorities). Judicial--Supreme Court. Subdivisions: 38 municipalities. Political parties: Albanian Christian Democratic Party of Kosovo (PShDK) [Marjan DEMAJ]; Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK) [Ramush HARADINAJ]; Alliance of Independent Social Democrats of Kosovo and Metohija (SDSKIM) [Ljubisa ZIVIC]; Bosniak Vakat Coalition (DSV) [Sadik IDRIZI]; Citizens' Initiative of Gora (GIG) [Murselj HALJILJI]; Democratic League of Dardania (LDD) [Nexhat DACI]; Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) [Isa MUSTAFA]; Democratic Party of Ashkali of Kosovo (PDAK) [Sabit RAHMANI]; Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK) [Hashim THACI]; Kosovo Democratic Turkish Party (KDTP) [Mahir YAGCILAR]; New Democratic Initiative of Kosovo (IRDK) [Xhevdet NEZIRAJ]; New Democratic Party (ND) [Branislav GRBIC]; New Kosovo Alliance (AKR) [Behgjet PACOLLI]; New Spirit (FER) [Shpend AHMETI]; Socialist Party of Kosovo (PSK) [Ilaz KADOLLI] ; Serb National Party (SNS) [Mihailo SCEPANOVIC]; Serbian Kosovo and Metohija Party (SKMS) [Dragisa MIRIC]; United Roma Party of Kosovo (PREBK) [Haxhi Zylfi MERXHA]; Democratic Action Party (SDA) [Numan BALIC]; Independent Liberal Party (SLS) [Slobodan PETROVIC]; Serbian National Council of Northern Kosovo and Metohija (SNV) [Milan IVANOVIC]; Democratic Party of Bosniaks [Dzezair MURATI]; Serbian Democratic Party of Kosovo and Metohija (SDS KiM) [Slavisa PETKOVIC]; Social Democratic Party of Kosovo (PSDK) [Agim CEKU]. Suffrage: Universal at age 18. Elections: Last parliamentary elections were held in November 2007; municipal-level elections were held in November 2009 and June 2010. Next parliamentary election scheduled for December 12, 2010.

Map of Kosovo This Map of Kosovo shows the borders of the country, as well as rivers, and cities including Pristina the capital of Kosovo. (Maps from the U.S. State Department)

Official Name of Kosovo The Official Name of Kosovo is the Republic of Kosovo. (Facts from the U.S. State Department)

People of Kosovo Nationality: Adjective--Kosovo national. Population (July 2010 est.): 1.8 million. Ethnic groups: 88% ethnic Albanians, 7% ethnic Serbs, 5% other (Bosniak, Gorani, Roma, Ashkali, Egyptian, Turk). Religion: The majority ethnic Albanian population, as well as the Bosniak, Gorani, and Turkish communities, and some of the Roma/Ashkalia/Egyptian communities are adherents of Islam. The ethnic Serb population is largely Serb Orthodox. Approximately 3% of ethnic Albanians are Roman Catholic. Languages: Albanian (official), Serbian (official), Bosnian and Turkish (official only in municipalities of Prizren, Pec, Dragas, Pristina, and Gnjilane where significant numbers of these minorities reside). Education: Adult literacy rates (2007 est.): 91.9% (men 96.6%, women 87.5%). Enrollment (2003 est.)--96% of children ages 7- 15 enrolled in primary school. Health: Infant mortality rate--23.7/1,000. Total fertility rate, births per woman (2003 est.)--2.9. Life expectancy (2003 est.)--75 years.

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