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Countries of the World: New Zealand
Resources about New Zealand including maps, facts about the land, people, history, government, political conditions, and economy.

Economy of New Zealand GDP (as of statistical year ended March 2009): U.S. $131 billion (NZ $185 billion). Real annual GDP growth rate: (as of the statistical year ending March 2009): -0.7%. Per capita income (March 2008): U.S. $29,866. Exchange rate (average for January to December 2009): U.S. $1 = NZ $1.456 (U.S. $0.71 = NZ $1). Natural resources: Timber, natural gas, iron sand, coal. Agriculture (4.9% of GDP): Products--dairy products, meat, forestry products. Industry (goods-producing industries 20.5% of GDP, service industries 68.8% of GDP): Types--finance, insurance, and business services; manufacturing; personal and community services; transport and communication; wholesale trade; construction; government administration and defense; fishing, forestry, and mining; electricity, gas, and water. Trade (year end 2009): Exports to U.S.--U.S. $2.43 billion: meat, dairy, wine, wood and medical devices. Imports from U.S.--U.S. $2.76 billion: consisting primarily of machinery (including information and communication technologies equipment), aircraft, medical and veterinary instruments, motor vehicles (trucks), and plastic resins. Major trading partners (rank ordered as of March 2010)--Australia, People's Republic of China, United States, Japan, United Kingdom, and the Republic of Korea.

Geography of New Zealand Area: 270,500 sq. km.; about the size of Colorado. Cities (June 2009): Capital--Wellington (386,000). Other cities--Auckland (1,333,300), Christchurch (386,100), Hamilton (200,300). Terrain: Highly varied, from snowcapped mountains to lowland plains. Climate: Temperate to subtropical.

Government of New Zealand Type: Parliamentary. Constitution: No formal, written constitution. Independence: Declared a dominion in 1907. Branches: Executive--Queen Elizabeth II (head of state, represented by a governor general), prime minister (head of government), cabinet. Legislative--unicameral House of Representatives, commonly called parliament. Judicial--four- level system: District Courts, High Courts, the Court of Appeal, and the Supreme Court, which in 2004 replaced the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council in London as New Zealand's highest court of appeal. There also are specialized courts, such as employment court, family courts, youth courts, and the Maori Land Court. Administrative subdivisions: 12 regions with directly elected councils and 74 districts (15 of which are designated as cities) with elected councils. There also are a number of community boards and special-purpose bodies with partially elected, partially appointed memberships. Political parties: National, Labour, ACT, United Future, Maori Party, Progressive Party, Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand, and several smaller parties not represented in parliament. Suffrage: Universal at 18.

Map of New Zealand This Map of New Zealand shows the borders of the country, as well as rivers, and cities including Wellington the capital of New Zealand. (Maps from the U.S. State Department)

Official Name of New Zealand The Official Name of New Zealand is New Zealand. (Facts from the U.S. State Department)

People of New Zealand Nationality: Noun--New Zealander(s). Adjective--New Zealand. Population: 4.36 million. Annual population growth rate (during year ending June 2010): 1.3%. Ethnic groups: European 76.8%; Maori 14.9%; Asian 9.7%; other Polynesian Pacific peoples 7.2%; Middle Eastern, Latin American, and African 0.9%. (Note: People can choose to identify with more than one ethnic group.) Religions: Christian 55.6%, no religion 34.7%, Hindu 1.5%, Buddhist 1.3%, Islam/Muslim 0.8%, Jewish 0.2%, Spiritualism/New Age 0.5%, other 0.6%. Languages: English, Maori, New Zealand Sign Language. Education: Years compulsory--ages 6-16. Attendance--100%. Literacy--99%. Health: Infant mortality rate (December 2006)--5.1/1,000. Life expectancy (December 2006)--males 78.4 yrs., females 82.4 yrs. Work force: As of March 2010, total labor force was 2.23 million and labor force participation rate was 68.1%. Services and government--59%; manufacturing and construction--32%; agriculture, forestry, fisheries, and mining--8.9%.

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