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Countries of the World: Paraguay
Resources about Paraguay including maps, facts about the land, people, history, government, political conditions, and economy.

Economy of Paraguay (source: Central Bank of Paraguay and the International Monetary Fund) GDP (2010): $17 billion. Annual growth rate (2010 est., Central Bank of Paraguay): 9%. Per capita GDP (2010, International Monetary Fund): $2,703. Natural resources: Hydropower, timber, iron ore, manganese, limestone. Agriculture (16% of GDP): Products--soybeans, cotton, beef, pork, cereals, sugarcane, cassava, fruits, vegetables. Arable land--9 million hectares, of which 35% is in production. Manufacturing and construction (17% of GDP): Types--sugar, cement, textiles, beverages, wood products. Trade (2009): Exports--$3.167 billion: soybeans and soy- related products, cereals, beef, wood, leather, cotton, sugar, apparel, edible oils, electricity, tobacco. Major markets--Brazil (21%), Uruguay (17%), Chile (12%), Argentina (11%), and the United States in 11th place with 2%. Imports- -$6.5 billion: machinery and mechanical appliances; electrical machinery, equipment, and materials; mineral fuels and lubricants; motor vehicles, tractors, parts and accessories; plastics and articles thereof; fertilizers; beverages and tobacco; toys, games, and sporting equipment; chemical products; rubber and articles thereof; paper, paperboard and articles thereof. Major suppliers--China (30%), Brazil (23%), Argentina (16%), Japan (5%), and U.S. (4.0%).

Geography of Paraguay Area: 406,752 sq. km. (157,047 sq. mi.); about the size of California. Cities: Capital--Asuncion (pop. 518,945). Other cities--Ciudad del Este, Concepcion, Encarnacion, Pedro Juan Caballero, Coronel Oviedo. Terrain: East of the Paraguay River there are grassy plains, wooded hills, tropical forests; west of the Paraguay River (Chaco region) is low, flat, marshy plain. Climate: Temperate east of the Paraguay River, semiarid to the west.

Government of Paraguay Type: Constitutional Republic. Independence: May 1811. Constitution: June 1992. Branches: Executive--President. Legislative--Senate and Chamber of Deputies. Judicial--Supreme Court of Justice. Administrative subdivisions: 17 departments, 1 capital city. Political parties: National Republican Association/Colorado Party (ANR), Authentic Radical Liberal Party (PLRA), Beloved Fatherland (PPQ), National Union of Ethical Citizens (UNACE), National Encounter Party (PEN), The Country in Solidarity Party (PPS), Progressive Democratic Party (PDP), Tekojoja Movement, and numerous small parties not represented in Congress. Suffrage: 18 years of age; universal and compulsory by law up to age 75.

Map of Paraguay This Map of Paraguay shows the borders of the country, as well as rivers, and cities including Asuncion the capital of Paraguay. (Maps from the U.S. State Department)

Official Name of Paraguay The Official Name of Paraguay is the Republic of Paraguay. (Facts from the U.S. State Department)

People of Paraguay Nationality: Noun and adjective--Paraguayan(s). Population (July 2010 est., CIA World Factbook): 6,375,830. Annual population growth rate (2008): 2.2%. (Paraguayan Directorate of Statistics, Surveys, and Censuses) Ethnic groups: Mixed Spanish and Indian descent (mestizo) 95%. Religions: Roman Catholic 89.6%; Mennonite and other Protestant denominations. Languages: Spanish (language of business and government), Guarani (spoken and understood by 90% of the population). Education: Years compulsory--9. Attendance--89%. Literacy-- 94.7%. (Paraguayan Directorate of Statistics, Surveys, and Censuses) Health: Infant mortality rate--32.00/1,000. Life expectancy-- 73 years male; 78.26 years female. (Paraguayan Directorate of Statistics, Surveys, and Censuses) Work force (2009, 2.98 million): Agriculture--26.5%; manufacturing and construction--18.5%; services and commerce-- 54.9%. (Paraguayan Directorate of Statistics, Surveys, and Censuses)

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