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Countries of the World: Singapore
Resources about Singapore including maps, facts about the land, people, history, government, political conditions, and economy.

Economy of Singapore GDP (2009 nominal prices): $182.23 billion. Annual real growth rate: 8.6% (2006), 8.5% (2007), 1.8% (2008), -1.3% (2009). Per capita GDP (2009): $36,537. Natural resources: None. Agriculture (under 0.5% of GDP): Products--poultry, orchids, vegetables, fruits, ornamental fish. Manufacturing (19.5% of real GDP): Types--electronic and electrical products and components, petroleum products, machinery and metal products, chemical and pharmaceutical products, transport equipment (mainly aircraft repairs/maintenance, shipbuilding/repair and oil rigs), food and beverages, printing and publishing, optical and photographic equipment, plastic products/modules, instrumentation equipment. Trade (2009): Exports--$268.9 billion: petroleum products, food/beverages, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, industrial machinery and equipment, electronic components, telecommunication apparatus, transport equipment. Major markets--Malaysia (11.5%), Indonesia (9.7%), Hong Kong (11.6%), Germany/France (2.9%), China (9.7%), United States (6.5%), and Japan (4.6%). Imports--$245 billion: aircraft, crude oil and petroleum products, electronic components, radio and television receivers/parts, motor vehicles, chemicals, food/beverages, iron/steel, electricity generators. Major suppliers--Germany/France (6.6%), Malaysia (11.6%), United States (11.6%), China (10.5%), and Japan (7.6%).

Geography of Singapore Area: 710.3 sq. km. Cities: Capital--Singapore (country is a city-state). Terrain: Lowland. Climate: Tropical.

Government of Singapore Type: Parliamentary republic. Constitution: June 3, 1959 (amended 1965 and 1991). Independence: August 9, 1965. Branches: Executive--president (chief of state, 6-yr. term); prime minister (head of government). Legislative--unicameral 84-member Parliament (maximum 5-yr. term). Judicial--High Court, Court of Appeal, subordinate courts. Political parties: People's Action Party (PAP), Workers' Party (WP), Singapore People's Party (SPP), Singapore Democratic Party (SDP), Singapore Democratic Alliance (SDA), National Solidarity Party (NSP), Reform Party. Suffrage: Universal and compulsory at 21. Central government budget (FY 2010): Total expenditures U.S. $33.1 billion (46.37 billion Singapore dollars, at a 1.40 exchange rate). Defense (FY 2010): 4.3% of gross domestic product. National holiday: August 9.

Map of Singapore This Map of Singapore shows the borders of the country, as well as rivers, and cities including Singapore the capital of Singapore. (Maps from the U.S. State Department)

Official Name of Singapore The Official Name of Singapore is the Republic of Singapore. (Facts from the U.S. State Department)

People of Singapore Population (June 2010): 5.077 million (including permanent residents, foreign workers). Annual population growth rate (2010): 1.8% (total); 1.0% (Singapore citizens and permanent residents). Ethnic groups (2010): Chinese 74.1%, Malays 13.4%, Indians 9.2%, others 3.3%. Religions: Buddhist, Taoist, Muslim, Christian, Hindu. Languages: English, Mandarin and other Chinese dialects, Malay, Tamil. Education: Years compulsory--six. Literacy (2009)--96.3%. Health (2009): Infant mortality rate--2.2/1,000. Life expectancy--79.0 yrs. male, 83.7 yrs. female. Work force (June 2010, 3.053 million): Manufacturing--17.8%; services--68.9%; construction--12.7%.

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