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Countries of the World: Turkey
Resources about Turkey including maps, facts about the land, people, history, government, political conditions, and economy.

Economy of Turkey GDP: (2005) $481.5 billion; (2006) $526.4 billion; (2007) $658.8 billion; (2008) $680 billion; (2009) $618 billion; (2010 forecast) $641 billion. Annual real GDP growth rate: (2005) 8.4%; (2006) 6.9%; (2007) 4.5%; (2008) 1.1%; (2009) -4.7%; (2010 forecast) 6.8%. GDP per capita: (2005) $6,681; (2006) $7,500; (2007) $9,333; (2008) $10,436; (2009) $8,590; (2010 forecast) $9.000. Annual inflation rate/CPI: (2005) 7.7%; (2006) 9.7%; (2007) 8.4%; (2008) 10.1%; (2009) 6.5%; (2010 forecast) 7.5%. Natural resources: Coal, chromium, mercury, copper, boron, oil, gold. Agriculture (9.3% of GDP): Major cash crops tobacco, cotton, sugar beets, hazelnuts, wheat, barley, grain, olives, and citrus. Provides about 29.5% of jobs and 2.7% of exports. Industry (25.6% of GDP): Major growth sector, types-- automotive, electronics, food processing, textiles, basic metals, chemicals, and petrochemicals. Provides about 24.7% of jobs and 95% of exports. Trade: Exports (merchandise)--(2005) $73.5 billion; (2006) $85.5 billion; (2007) $107.2 billion; (2008) $132 billion; (2009) $102.1 billion; (2010 as of August) $72.9 billion: textiles and apparel, industrial machinery, iron and steel, electronics, petroleum products, and motor vehicles. Imports (merchandise)--(2005) $116.8 billion; (2006) $139.6 billion; (2007) $170.1 billion; (2008) $201.8 billion; (2009) $140.4 billion; (2010 as of August) $114.9 billion: petroleum, machinery, motor vehicles, electronics, iron, steel, plastics precious metals. Major partners--Germany, U.S., Italy, France, Russia, Japan, China, Iran, U.K.

Geography of Turkey Area: 780,580 sq. km. Cities: Capital--Ankara (pop. 4.66 million). Other cities-- Istanbul (12.916 million), Izmir (3.86 million), Bursa (2.55 million), Adana (2.06 million), Gaziantep (1.65 million). Terrain: Narrow coastal plain surrounds Anatolia, an inland plateau becomes increasingly rugged as it progresses eastward. Turkey includes one of the more earthquake-prone areas of the world. Climate: Moderate in coastal areas, harsher temperatures inland.

Government of Turkey Type: Republic. Independence: October 29, 1923. Constitution: November 7, 1982. Amended in 1987, 1995, 2001, 2007, and 2010. Branches: Executive--president (chief of state), prime minister (head of government), Council of Ministers (cabinet-- appointed by the president on the nomination of the prime minister). Legislative--Grand National Assembly (550 members) chosen by national elections at least every 4 years. Judicial- -Constitutional Court, Court of Cassation, Council of State, and other courts. Political parties with representatives in Parliament: Justice and Development Party (AKP) (336 seats), Republican People's Party (CHP) (101 seats), Nationalist Action Party (MHP) (70 seats), Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) (20 seats), Democratic Left Party (DSP) (6 seats), Democrat Party (DP) (1 seat), Turkey Party (TP) (1 seat), seven independents, and eight vacant seats. Suffrage: Universal, 18 and older. National holiday: Republic Day, October 28-29.

Map of Turkey This Map of Turkey shows the borders of the country, as well as rivers, and cities including Ankara the capital of Turkey. (Maps from the U.S. State Department)

Official Name of Turkey The Official Name of Turkey is the Republic of Turkey. (Facts from the U.S. State Department)

People of Turkey Nationality: Noun--Turk(s). Adjective--Turkish. Population (July 2010 estimate): 76.8 million. Annual population growth rate (2010 estimate): 1.312%. Ethnic groups: Turkish, Kurdish, other. Religions: Muslim 99% (majority Sunni), Christian, Bahai, and Jewish. Languages: Turkish (official), Kurdish, Arabic, Armenian, Greek. Education: Years compulsory--8. Attendance--97.6%. Literacy-- 87.4%. Health: Infant mortality rate--25.78/1,000. Life expectancy-- 71.96 yrs. Work force (24.74 million): Agriculture--29.5%; industry-- 24.7%; services--45.8%.

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