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Countries of the World: Ukraine
Resources about Ukraine including maps, facts about the land, people, history, government, political conditions, and economy.

Economy of Ukraine Purchasing power parity GDP (2009 est.): $294.3 billion. Nominal GDP (2009 est.): $117.1 billion. Annual growth rate (2009 govt. est.): -14.1%. PPP per capita GDP (2009 est.): $6,400. Nominal per capita GDP (2006 est.): $1,746. Natural resources: Vast fertile lands, coal, iron ore, various large mineral deposits, timber. Agriculture: Products--Grain, sugar beets, sunflower seeds, vegetables, beef, and milk. Industry: Types--Coal, electric power, ferrous and nonferrous metals, machinery and transport equipment, chemicals, and food processing. Trade (2009): Exports of goods and services--$41.49 billion: ferrous and nonferrous metals, fuel and petroleum products, chemicals, machinery and transport equipment, and food products. Imports--$45.58 billion: energy, machinery and equipment, and chemicals.

Geography of Ukraine Area: 233,000 sq. mi., the largest country wholly in Europe. Cities: Capital--Kyiv (also transliterated as Kiev, pop. 2.8 million). Other cities--Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Odesa, Lviv. Terrain: A vast plain mostly bounded by the Carpathian mountains in the southwest and by the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov in the South. Climate: Continental temperate, except in southern Crimea, which has a sub-tropical climate.

Government of Ukraine Type: Parliamentary-presidential. Independence: August 24, 1991. Constitution: First post-Soviet constitution adopted June 28, 1996, amended January 1, 2006. Branches: Executive--president, prime minister, cabinet. Legislative--450-member unicameral parliament, the Supreme Rada (members elected to 4-year terms from party lists by proportional vote). Judicial--Supreme Court, Courts of Appeal, local courts, and Constitutional Court. Political parties: Wide range of active political parties and blocs, from leftist to center and center-right to ultra- nationalist. Suffrage: Universal at 18. Administrative subdivisions: 24 provinces (oblasts), Crimean autonomous republic, and two cities with special status--Kyiv and Sevastopol.

Map of Ukraine This Map of Ukraine shows the borders of the country, as well as rivers, and cities including Kyiv the capital of Ukraine. (Maps from the U.S. State Department)

Official Name of Ukraine The Official Name of Ukraine is Ukraine. (Facts from the U.S. State Department)

People of Ukraine Population (est.): 45.7 million. Nationality: Noun--Ukrainian(s); adjective--Ukrainian. Ethnic groups: Ukrainians, Russians, Belarusians, Moldovans, Bulgarians, Hungarians, Romanians, Jews, Poles, Crimean Tatars, and other groups. Religions: Ukrainian Orthodoxy, Ukrainian Greek Catholicism, Judaism, Roman Catholicism, Islam, others. Languages: Ukrainian (official), Russian, others. Education: Literacy--99.7%. Health: Infant mortality rate--8.98/1,000; life expectancy-- 62.37 yrs. males, 74.5 yrs. females. Work force: 22.3 million. Industry--18.5%; agriculture--15.8%; services--65.7%.

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