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Countries of the World: Bulgaria
Resources about Bulgaria including maps, facts about the land, people, history, government, political conditions, and economy.

Economy of Bulgaria GDP (2009, est.): $48.7 billion. Real GDP growth: -5.0% (2009 est.); 6% (2008); 6.2% (2007); 6.3% (2006); 6.2% (2005); 6.6% (2004); 4.3% (2003). Per capita GDP (2009, est.): $6,423. Inflation rate: 1.6% (2009); 7.2% (2008); 11.6% (2007), 6.1% (2006); 7.4% (2005); 4.0% (2004); 5.6% (2003). Unemployment rate: 9.1% (2009); 6.3% (2008); 6.9% (2007); 9.1% (2006); 10.7% (2005); 12.2% (2004); 14.3% (2003). Natural resources: Bauxite, copper, lead, zinc, coal, and timber. Official exchange rate: Lev per $1 U.S. = 1.36 (2009); 1.39 (2008); 1.33 (2007); 1.49 (2006); 1.66 (2005); 1.44 (2004).

Geography of Bulgaria Area: 110,910 sq. km. (slightly larger than Tennessee). Major cities: Capital--Sofia 1.3 million. Others: Plovdiv--379,493, Varna--352,674. Terrain: Bulgaria is located in South Central Europe. The terrain is varied, containing large mountainous areas, fertile valleys, plains and a coastline along the Black Sea. Climate: Continental--mild summers and cold, snowy winters.

Government of Bulgaria Type: Parliamentary democracy. Constitution: Adopted July 12, 1991. Independence: 1908 (from the Ottoman Empire). Branches: Executive--president (chief of state), prime minister (head of government), Council of Ministers (cabinet). Legislative--unicameral National Assembly or Narodno Subranie--240 seats. Members are elected through a mixed electoral system for 4-year terms. Judicial--three- tiered system. Administrative divisions: 28 provinces including the capital region of Sofia. Suffrage: Universal at 18 years of age. Political parties: Major political parties--Citizens for the European Development of Bulgaria (GERB); Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP); Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF); Attack Political Party (ATAKA); Blue Coalition (formed by Union of Democratic Forces, Democrats for a Strong Bulgaria, and a few more center-right parties); Order, Law, Justice (RZS). Parties and leaders--ATAKA (Attack Political Party) [Volen SIDEROV]; Agrarian National Union or ANU [Stefan LICHEV]; Blue Coalition (a coalition of center-right parties dominated by UDF and DSB); Bulgarian New Democracy [Nikolay SVINAROV]; Bulgarian Socialist Party or BSP [Sergei STANISHEV]; Citizens for the European Development of Bulgaria or GERB [Tsvetan TSVETANOV (formal); Boyko Borissov (informal)]; Coalition for Bulgaria or CfB (coalition of parties dominated by BSP) [Sergei STANISHEV]; Democrats for a Strong Bulgaria or DSB [Ivan KOSTOV]; Gergyovden [Petar STOYANOVICH]; Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization or IMRO [Krasimir KARAKACHANOV]; Liberal Initiative for Democratic European Development or LIDER [Hristo KOVACHKI]; Movement for Rights and Freedoms or MRF [Ahmed DOGAN]; National Movement for Stability and Progress or NDSV [Simeon SAXE-COBURG-GOTHA] (formerly National Movement Simeon II or NMS2); New Time [Emil KOSHLUKOV]; Order, Law, Justice or RZS [Yane YANEV]; Union of Democratic Forces or UDF [Martin DIMITROV]; Union of Free Democrats or UFD [Stefan SOFIYANSKI]; United Agrarians (part of the Blue coalition) [Anastasia MOZER]. Results from the July 5, 2009 general election were as follows (voter turnout 60.20%; percent of vote by party)--GERB 39.72%, BSP 17.70%, MRF 14.45%, ATAKA 9.36%, Blue Coalition 6.76%, RZS 4.13%, other 7.88%. As of September 2009, seat allocation was as follows--GERB 116, BSP 40, MRF 38, ATAKA 21, Blue Coalition 14, RZS 10, independent 1.

Map of Bulgaria This Map of Bulgaria shows the borders of the country, as well as rivers, and cities including Sofia the capital of Bulgaria. (Maps from the U.S. State Department)

Official Name of Bulgaria The Official Name of Bulgaria is the Republic of Bulgaria. (Facts from the U.S. State Department)

People of Bulgaria Population (July 2009 est.): 7,204,687. Population growth rate (2009 est.): -0.79%. Ethnic groups (2001): Bulgarian 83.94%, Turkish 9.42%, Roma 4.68%, and other 2% (including Macedonian, Armenian, Tatar). Religions (2001): Bulgarian Orthodox 82.6%, Muslim 12.2%, Roman Catholic 0.6%, Protestant 0.5%, others. Language: Bulgarian 84.5%, other 15.5%. Health: Life expectancy (2009 est.)--male: 69.48 years; female: 76.91 years. Infant mortality rate (2009 est.)--17.87 deaths/1,000 live births. Work force: 2.67 million (2008 est.). Agriculture--7.5%; industry--35.5%, services--57% (2007 est.).

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