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Countries of the World: Chile
Resources about Chile including maps, facts about the land, people, history, government, political conditions, and economy.

Economy of Chile GDP (official exchange rate): $150.4 billion. Annual real growth rate: -1.5%. Per capita GDP (purchasing power parity): $14,700. Forestry, agriculture, and fisheries (6% of GDP): Products-- fruits, wheat, potatoes, corn, sugar beets, onions, beans, livestock, fish. Commerce (8% of GDP): Sales, restaurants, hotels. Manufacturing (17% of GDP): Types--mineral refining, metal manufacturing, food processing, fish processing, paper and wood products, finished textiles. Electricity, gas, and water: 3% of GDP. Transportation and communication: 7% of GDP. Construction: 8% of GDP. Financial services (12% of GDP): Insurance, leasing, consulting. Mining (13% of GDP): Copper, iron ore, nitrates, precious metals, and molybdenum. Trade: Exports--$57.61 billion: copper, fruits and nuts, fish and seafood, and wood products. Major markets--U.S., Japan, China, Netherlands, South Korea, Brazil, Italy, Mexico. Imports--$40.91 billion: fuels, heavy industrial machinery, motor vehicles, electrical machinery, plastic. Major suppliers--U.S., China, Brazil, Argentina, South Korea.

Geography of Chile Area: 756,945 sq. km. (302,778 sq. mi.); nearly twice the size of California. Cities: Capital--Santiago (metropolitan area est. 6.25 million). Other cities--Concepcion-Talcahuano (840,000), Viña del Mar-Valparaiso (800,000), Antofagasta (245,000), Temuco (230,000). Terrain: Desert in north; fertile central valley; volcanoes and lakes toward the south, giving way to rugged and complex coastline; Andes Mountains on the eastern border. Climate: Arid in north, Mediterranean in the central portion, cool and damp in south.

Government of Chile Type: Republic. Independence: September 18, 1810. Constitution: Promulgated September 11, 1980; effective March 11, 1981; amended in 1989, 1993, 1997, and 2005. Branches: Executive--president. Legislative--bicameral legislature. Judicial--Constitutional Tribunal, Supreme Court, court of appeals, military courts. Administrative subdivisions: 14 numbered regions including two numbered and made operative October 8, 2007--Region XIV Los Rios and Region XV Arica--and the Santiago metropolitan region, administered by appointed "intendentes." Regions are divided into provinces, administered by appointed governors; provinces are divided into municipalities administered by elected mayors. Political parties: Major parties are grouped into two large coalitions: 1) the center-left "Concertacion", which includes the Christian Democrat Party, the Socialist Party, the Party for Democracy, and the Radical Social Democratic Party; and 2) the center-right "Alliance for Chile" (or “Alianza”), which includes the National Renewal Party and the Independent Democratic Union. The Communist Party joined the Humanistic Party and a number of smaller parties to form the "Together We Can" coalition in 2004. A new center-left party, "Chile-First," was established in October 2007. Suffrage: Universal at 18, including foreigners legally resident for more than 5 years.

Map of Chile This Map of Chile shows the borders of the country, as well as rivers, and cities including Santiago the capital of Chile. (Maps from the U.S. State Department)

Official Name of Chile The Official Name of Chile is the Republic of Chile. (Facts from the U.S. State Department)

People of Chile Nationality: Noun and adjective--Chilean(s). Population (2009): 16.6 million. Annual population growth rate: 0.881%. Ethnic groups: Spanish-Native-American (mestizo), European, Native-American. Religions: Roman Catholic 70%, Evangelical 15.1%, Jehovah's Witness 1.1%, other Christian 1%, other 4.6%, none 8.3%. Language: Spanish. Education: Years compulsory--12. Attendance--3 million. Adult literacy rate--96%. Health: Infant mortality rate--8.9/1,000. Life expectancy--71 yrs. for men, 78 for women. Work force (6.94 million); employed 6.45 million: Community, social and individual services--26%; industry--14.4%; commerce--17.6%; agriculture, forestry, and fishing--13.9%; construction--7.1%; financial services--7.5%; transportation and communication--8.0%; electricity, gas and water--0.5%; mining--1.2%.

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