Map of the Kingdom of Jeroboam
Map of the Kingdom of Jeroboam

Embark on a historical journey into the ancient Kingdom of Jeroboam, a significant realm that emerged during a transformative period in biblical history. This intricately detailed map offers a unique opportunity to explore the geographical boundaries, cities, and key events associated with Jeroboam's reign.

1. Geographic Extent: 

Explore the territorial extent of the Kingdom of Jeroboam, a northern kingdom that emerged after the division of the United Kingdom of Israel.

2. Capital City: 

Discover the location of the capital city of Jeroboam's kingdom, often identified as Shechem or Tirzah, and understand its political and cultural significance.

3. Historical Context: 

Delve into the historical context of the kingdom's formation, which followed the division of Israel into the northern and southern kingdoms, led by Jeroboam and Rehoboam, respectively.

4. Key Events: 

Follow the key events and developments during Jeroboam's reign, including his policies, religious reforms, and conflicts with the southern kingdom of Judah.

5. Scriptural References: 

Explore the biblical references and passages related to Jeroboam and his kingdom, gaining a deeper understanding of its role in biblical narratives.

6. Legacy: 

Reflect on the legacy of Jeroboam's kingdom, which left a lasting imprint on the history and religious traditions of the northern tribes of Israel.

This map serves as an invaluable educational resource for scholars, theologians, history enthusiasts, and students seeking to delve into the historical and biblical significance of the Kingdom of Jeroboam. It offers a visual gateway into an era of political intrigue, religious change, and territorial dynamics that shaped the course of ancient Israelite history.