Map of the Paul's 3rd Missionary Journey
Map of the Paul's 3rd Missionary Journey

This intricately detailed map traces the remarkable journey of the Apostle Paul during his Third Missionary Journey, a pivotal period in the early spread of Christianity. Spanning the mid-1st century AD, this journey is brought to life through geographic precision and historical context, offering a vivid glimpse into the life and teachings of the apostle.

Key Features on the Map:

Starting Point in Antioch: 

Paul's journey begins in the bustling city of Antioch in Syria, a hub for early Christian communities.

Asian Minor (Modern-Day Turkey): 

Follow Paul's path through Asia Minor, where he visited and nurtured growing Christian communities in cities like Ephesus, Troas, and Miletus.

Journey into Greece: 

The map shows Paul's passage into Greece, where he preached in cities like Philippi, Thessalonica, and Berea, leaving a lasting Christian legacy.

Iconic Cities: 

Explore the map's markers for iconic cities where Paul made significant impacts, establishing churches and sharing his teachings.

Biblical References: 

Discover scriptural references that correspond to each location, offering insight into the events and teachings associated with each stop on Paul's journey. 

Geographic Details: 

Learn about the geographical features that shaped Paul's path, from rivers and mountains to the Aegean Sea, providing a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities he encountered.

Historical Context: 

Gain a deeper appreciation for the historical backdrop of the time, including political and cultural elements that influenced Paul's mission.

This map serves as a valuable educational tool for students, scholars, and anyone interested in the early history of Christianity. It illuminates the incredible travels and tireless efforts of the Apostle Paul as he spread the message of Christ across the ancient Mediterranean world.