Map of the Mesha's Kingdom
Map of the Mesha's Kingdom

Embark on a journey to the ancient kingdom of Mesha, an enigmatic realm mentioned in historical inscriptions and biblical texts. This meticulously crafted map offers a glimpse into the geographical and historical context of Mesha's kingdom, providing valuable insights into its significance in the ancient world.

1. Geographic Boundaries: 

Explore the territorial extent of Mesha's kingdom, located in the ancient region of Moab, known for its rugged landscapes and unique cultural heritage.

2. Historical Context: 

Delve into the historical context of Mesha's kingdom, which thrived during the 9th century BCE, and its interactions with neighboring kingdoms and empires.

3. Capital City: 

Discover the location of Mesha's capital city, Dibon, which played a central role in the kingdom's governance, culture, and historical prominence.

4. Inscriptions: 

Learn about the famous Mesha Stele, an ancient inscription that provides valuable historical insights into the kingdom, its rulers, and its relations with the Kingdom of Israel.

5. Cultural and Religious Significance: 

Gain an understanding of the cultural and religious aspects of Mesha's kingdom, including its worship practices and the influence of neighboring cultures.

6. Archaeological Discoveries: 

Explore archaeological sites within Mesha's kingdom, which have yielded valuable artifacts and historical evidence shedding light on its history.

This map serves as an invaluable resource for historians, archaeologists, scholars, and history enthusiasts interested in uncovering the mysteries of Mesha's kingdom. It offers a visual representation of the geographical and historical context of this ancient realm, enriching our understanding of the past and its place in the broader narratives of the ancient Near East.