Map of the Gibeah
Map of the Gibeah

The Map of Gibeah invites you to journey back to an ancient city with a complex and often tumultuous history. Gibeah, prominently mentioned in the Old Testament, was a city in the tribal territory of Benjamin. It witnessed significant events and played a role in biblical narratives that continue to captivate scholars and enthusiasts alike. This meticulously crafted map serves as a valuable resource for historians, archaeologists, and those curious about the historical and cultural dimensions of this intriguing city.

Historical Context:

The map provides essential historical context, immersing viewers in the world of the ancient Israelites, specifically the tribe of Benjamin, during the time of Gibeah's prominence.

Geographical Details:

Explore the precise location of Gibeah within the tribal boundaries of Benjamin, offering insights into its strategic position.

Biblical References:

Discover the biblical references to Gibeah, including its role in stories involving figures like King Saul, the Levite's concubine, and the disastrous events of the Book of Judges.

Cultural Significance:

Learn about the cultural practices, traditions, and daily life of the people who inhabited Gibeah during biblical times.

Archaeological Insights:

The map showcases archaeological discoveries made at or near Gibeah, shedding light on the city's history and heritage.

    The Map of Gibeah is a captivating portal to an era when this city stood as a witness to the complexities of tribal life and moral challenges. It invites you to step into the world of Gibeah, where history, culture, and morality converged. Whether you are a scholar of biblical history, an archaeology enthusiast, or simply intrigued by the enigmatic stories of the Old Testament, this map offers invaluable insights. It is a tangible link to a narrative of moral dilemmas, consequences, and the enduring significance of a city that left an indelible mark on the biblical narrative.